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Why is Smartfit® so much faster to install?

Smartfit® is a ready-to-fit window system. The windows and doors arrive with built-in head flashings, jamb flashings, cavity closers, end dams, sill support bars and clever water management features.

You no longer need to worry about internal tapes, PEF rods, expanding foams or silicones. So there’s less onsite materials, waste and handling, saving you time and money.

It means they can be taken off the truck and fitted immediately. All you need to do is place the window in the hole and screw into position through an outer fixing fin.

At the end of the day, you can close in a house much faster, and get onto other jobs sooner.

Superior weathertightness.

Much has been done to improve the weathertightness with these windows.

The window opening weatherline has moved out to the face of the wall underlay. This no longer allows the weatherline to extend inwards to the back side of the internal wall lining, so any failure water would drop into the cavity instead of onto the framing trimmer.

The only deviation to the weatherline is with deep reach sliding and stacker door frames where parts of the frame extend back beyond the Smartfit® weatherline. In this case a patented ‘dry block’ provides a catchment area if a frame joint were to ever fail.

The air seal has also moved out to the wall underlay line. An air seal is created by the fixing fin and the face tape.

The bottom window frame corner soaker blocks are high sided, so the highest point is higher and further back than the highest possible leak point of the window frame. It means there’s less critical reliance on sealants in the joint performing during transport and installation, or over the long term.

The top hub arrangement is a total water management system, complete with end dams and drainage paths which deliver water safely to the jambs and exit via the sill.

The bottom corner soaker block receives all potential failure water and diverts it to the exit. The jambs have a back flashing system at the cavity batten line, and the sill support structure has drip features.

Top hub.

Bottom hub.

Patented dry block.

The dry block is used for deep reach sliding and stacker door frames where parts of the frame extend back beyond the Smartfit® weatherline. It provides a catchment area in case a frame joint were to ever fail.

It is high sided so any potential leaks through the frame joints can only leak into the lower parts of the block. It effectively provides a deviation to the air seal line to allow pressure moderation to occur inside the block at the localised corner point only. Pressure moderation in the block is essential to enable it to drain freely should there be water present – the water cannot back up under unequal air pressures.

The dry block effectively replaces the layers of sill tapes that are generally required to protect the construction from potential failures in door joints. These layers of sill tape are currently applied on site in all conditions to a range of quality levels.

However, this block is factory fitted and secured to a prescribed method. It is screwed in place so cannot be dislodged and is made of high impact glass reinforced nylon. It is sealed in place, but the sealant is only required as an extension to the primary tape air seal to complete the deviation to the air seal line (weatherline) – the sealant is not required for any degree of water tightness of the component – it is self-sufficient in that regard.

As an additional feature, the dry block has a secondary catchment area to the top side at the jamb. This is not expected to be needed.

Dry block.

Weathertight in under four hours.

Project Details

Versatile Homes and Buildings
West Auckland

  • Single level, 214 SQM House
  • 21 Units: 13 Windows and 8 Doors
  • Ecoply® Barrier RAB Board
  • Brick veneer on timber framed cavity construction
  • Four installers

University of Auckland edfab project.

A first for CodeMark Certification.

Smartfit® is also the only window installation system in New Zealand to be awarded CodeMark Certification (number CMA-CM40120).

CodeMark Certification means that the product is deemed to comply with the New Zealand Building Code when specified in accordance with its technical specifications, and guarantees acceptance by Building Consent Authority (BCA).

Performance and compliance.

From a compliance point of view, it’s much easier for building inspectors to inspect. The critical elements are on show and there are no concerns about what lies beneath. For example, no tapes are needed under the window that could be bunched, torn, sloping inwards or just missing.

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  1. The Fletcher Window and Door Systems manufacturer warrants for a period of 10 years from [the date of supply] that:
    • (a) the aluminium joinery used in the manufacture of the Product are finished in accordance with NZ/AS 3715:1989 Metal Finishing - powder coatings for architectural applications, and also in accordance with NZS/AS 1231:1985 Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys - anodised coatings for architectural applications;
    • (b) the doors and windows of the Product comply with: NZS 4211:1985A3 Performance of Windows, and NZS 4223:1985 Code of Practice for Glazing in Buildings; and
    • (c) As required under NZS 4211 the product or products specified will remain watertight.
  2. If the Product does not perform as warranted, the manufacturer will make good the Product by, at its option, (i) replacing or repairing the affected Product, (ii) supplying equivalent Product, (iii) paying the cost of replacing the affected Product, or (iv) refunding the cost of the affected Product, subject to the following terms:
    • (a) that the window manufacturer is advised of and given an opportunity to inspect any fault;
    • (b) that any claims under this warranty need to be made in writing to the window manufacturer within 7 days of the fault first becoming apparent;
    • (c) that this warranty is not transferable and only applies to the original purchaser, unless the window manufacturer agrees otherwise in writing;
    • (d) that this warranty only applies:
    • (i) where the Product has been maintained in accordance with the maintenance procedure specified;
    • (ii) to a defect in the workmanship or a defect that is directly attributable to a defect in the material of the Product; and
    • (iii) where the purchaser has paid in full for the supply (and installation if applicable) of the window joinery;
    • (e) that the warranty does not apply to any:
    • (i) glass or glazing materials used in the joinery;
    • (ii) defects due to any cause beyond the manufacturer’s control including, without limitation, defects in the structure to which the joinery has been affixed;
    • (iii) materials, hardware or componentry not manufactured by the window manufacturer;
    • (iv) weathertightness - where the contract is one of manufacture and supply only, the junction between joinery and cladding systems is the responsibility of the builder;
    • (f) that the window manufacturer will not be liable for any consequential, indirect or special damage or loss including, without limitation, any loss of profits;
    • (g) that the warranty does not apply to any fault caused by incorrect installation by anyone other than the window manufacturer or its authorised agents, and/or any installation otherwise than in accordance with the installation guide current at the time of supply.
  3. This warranty is given by the manufacturer of Fletcher Window and Door Systems, trading under the Fletcher Aluminium division of Fletcher Building Products Limited